FREE Wood Disposal Analysis

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The future of wood disposal: turnkey disposal services

Did you know that that the cost of wood disposal could be negatively impacting your ROI? The national average cost today to dispose of old wooden poles is now as much as 60% the cost of new poles. And that cost is likely going to increase as traditional landfill space decreases. Now more than ever, there is a need for utilities to find "End Of Life" disposal options that become part of a total cost of ownership model that is more efficient and sustainable.

FREE Disposal Analysis:

Find a program that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

At Cox Recovery, our goal is to find a wood disposal program that best fits your company from both a cost and a sustainability standpoint. Our Cox Recovery experts will conduct a FREE Wood Disposal Analysis for your utility that factors in a number of variables:

Waste Streams Analysis

Total Cost Analysis

Not just initial deposit cost

Legal Compliance


The result will be to identify a fully integrated pole disposal strategy that is in the best interest of your utility—and the environment.